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“Great job! Really liked the end with adults & teens separating into individual discussion groups,” “Well done! Great value for the money,” “Enjoyed your real application examples,”  “Great presentation,” “I learned a lot,” “Lots of information to take back and apply“—these are just some of the comments from audiences over the years, more feedback can be found on her FEEDBACK page on the website or

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A professional speaker, author, and media consultant who has been connecting and helping audiences of all types since 2000, let Lori create & tailor a message for your group’s unique needs.  She is a repeat guest on radio stations across the U.S. from New York to Oregon from Wisconsin to Texas, Florida to California and has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, Univision, and The CW news programs.  The question becomes when do you want your group to receive the benefits from one of her professionally based talks?  

Why delay?!  Contact her now to guarantee the time that you need her to assist your group in becoming better employees, parents, teachers, counselors, ministers, or teens!  She is a repeat presenter for conferences, school districts, and on national radio (media bio can be sent upon request).  Find out what thousands of seminar, workshop, and conference attendees already know–that Lori Vann is the speaker that you want for your group!  Email today:

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Programs & Seminars

  • Anger Management and Assertiveness Training–seminar or a 4 week class
  • At Risk Youth Behaviors and What You Can Do to Reduce the Risk–2 hrs up to 3 1/2 hrs.
  • Boundary Setting in Personal and Professional life – 1 hour up to a 6 hour class
  • Dating 101-303 – 2 hour up to 6 hour presentation–from dating to engagement
  • Divorce Recovery – 12 week class or up to a 6 hour seminar
  • Self-injury Education & Training – 90 mins to 7 1/2 hour class
    • New NSSI Track for Treatment Centers is NOW AVAILABLE–See Business Consulting for details
  • Stress Management: in personal or professional life
    • Focus on stress management during the holidays
    • Focus on workplace stress management–how to help decrease Short Term Disability Claims or survive lay off stress
    • Focus on the Mind-Body connection, if desired can have spirituality emphasis
  • What is a normal teen…and how do you keep them that way?!

Available Topics for Seminars:

Mental Health and Personal Well-Being Education:

  • Abuse Education (sexual, physical, neglect, & emotional and its impact on mind & body)
  • Anger Management, Assertiveness Training
  • Bullying in Personal and Professional Life
  • Control Issues: Learning to let go
  • The relationship betweek work & Mental Illness–How Companies can Save Tons of Money by Focusing on MI
  • Depression/Bipolar/SAD: Identification and Treatment
  • Drug Education–Do you know what your kids are using?
  • HELP! I’m a Dad of a Daughter! (CD available)
  • How to Have a Happier and Less Stressful Holiday Season; Surviving the Holidays
  • Mean Girls and Their Victims
  • Perfectionism-Control Issues–writing a book on the topic
  • Self-mutilation/self-injury-author of A Caregiver’s Guide to Self-injury and A Practitioner’s Guide to Self-injury
  • Stress Management with Anxiety Disorder Education and Management–DVD and CD available for Stress Management from a Christian Perspective
  • Suicide Education
  • Transitioning from High School to College–learning to breathe

Parenting Related Topics:

  • At Risk Youth Behaviors: sex, drugs, injury, internet
  • Depressed? NOT My Kid!  How to spot the signs before you end up in the ER
  • Help! I am a dad of a teenage daughter! (CD available)
  • Help! I am a mom of a teenage daughter!
  • How Do Spot Bullying From Siblings, Peers, or Other Parents
  • Parenting Basics: Boundary setting from childhood to the teen years
  • Self-mutilation/self-injury Education
  • What is a Normal Teen…and how do you keep them that way?! (DVD is available for this presentation)
  • The Rules of Tween & Teen Technology

Professional Related Topics for Counselors or Businesses:

  • Boundaries in the Workplace
    • How to be an Assertive & Respected Leader or
    • How to be a Respected Employee That Avoids Burnout
  • How To Stay Out of the H.R. Office
    • Your Cubicle is Not The Cone of Silence
    • Did You Just Really Say That?!  Recognizing Office Bullying
  • The relationship betweek work & Mental Illness–How Companies can Save Tons of Money by Focusing on MI
  • Ethics Training: Ethical issues for counselors who work with adolescents, how counselors should think like lawyers, & documentation strategies
  • Guidelines for Counseling Interns: what they didn’t tell you in grad school
  • Self-injury update: dispelling the myths about injury, demographics, assessment, and treatment
  • Suicide Education & Prevention

Relationship Topics:

  • Boundaries, Enabling, Co-dependency, Assertiveness, Self-esteem Improvement
  • The Problem with Cheating (Infidelity)
  • Communication Issues–How to Have a Disagreement & Not a Fight
  • Mean Girls and Their Victims: how to address both issues
  • Scary Relationship Talks that Every Dating Couple Should Have at Different Stages
  • Sexual Boundaries and the Impact on Self-esteem

Note: Many of these topics can be presented from a Christian counseling perspective
Let me design a program that will fit your organization’s needs! Discounted rates available for schools, colleges,  churches, and hospitals!