“I was first introduced to Ms. Vann during my 3rd year of high school counseling.  I am currently in my 11th year of counseling and 20th year as an educator.  The wisdom that I gain from Ms. Vann’s seminars is priceless.   One such seminar is “The Practitioner’s Training in Self-injury:  tips, issues, and techniques.”  She has indirectly given my parents the window through which to look at Non-Suicidal Self Injury as to what NSSI is ‘Not’ and what it ‘IS.’  Ms. Vann teaches practitioners how to maneuver the path to healthy coping mechanisms.  Family time, effective parenting strategies, and key points for parents/caregivers of teens to remember.  After all what is normal?   Oscar Wilde stated:  “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” And “The only normal people are the ones I haven’t met yet…”   It takes work to get to the core of a matter and Ms. Vann has provided the road map to healthy beings!”


Jerilyn Welsh-Roe, M. Ed., S.C.

Counselor – Frisco ISD

“I have known Lori Vann for years and have seen very successful outcomes with her patients, her presentations and her interviews on TV and other vehicles of SM. She is someone that I have always considered an expert, never questioned sending a referral to her and admire her compassion through all she does!!”

Valerie Quintanilla, March 25, 2017

From anonymous CEU evals:

“Thank you! I always enjoy your presentations!”

“Very informative and personable. Thank you.”

“Excellent. I could tell you did your research and time”

“This training was amazing and will for sure help”

“Very, very useful information that keeps you on point”

“An insightful and detail oriented speaker on a wide variety of topics”