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Lori Vann enjoys doing what scares most people…she’s a professional speaker who enjoys interacting with groups from 5 to 5,000. Unlike many speakers who are monotone, stay in one spot, and read off of their slides, she actively engages the audience through music, questions, and discussions. Her ability to inspire the audience while also providing quality education in an authentic, unpretentious manner using metaphors, humor, real world examples, and pictures aids her audience in feeling a genuine connection with her.

When it comes to the subject matter where she is considered an authority, one can see and hear her passion for the topic of self-injury education. However, her passion for educating mental health professionals, business professionals, and the community on how to keep out of trouble with the legal system while providing excellent customer service is just as intense. Don’t you want a speaker to be passionate about the topics they speak to and have the audience not only feel it, but leave feeling inspired?

5700Speaking Audiences
1200Professionals Trained
20Years Clinical Counselor
5Authoritative Books


Dana McCray

“I attended your training yesterday and I absolutely loved it!”

Kati Tollison, LMSW, Communities in Schools

“I just wanted to thank you again for the phenomenal training!”

Valerie Quintanilla

“I have known Lori Vann for years and have seen very successful outcomes with her patients, her presentations and her interviews on TV and other vehicles of SM. She is someone that I have always considered an expert, never questioned sending a referral to her and admire her compassion through all she does!!”

Phyllis Bisch, LPC

“You are such a giver. You definitely got my attention.”

Gina Aalund, LCSW, PLLC

“Thanks so much for the very informative ethics presentation. I have been in practice one year after a long mom break, and it was very refreshing to delve into the issues — especially for the teenagers and social media. I will definitely recommend your future presentations!”


“You were amazing and helpful”

Kenya Kemp-Henderson, Program Specialist II, Texas Department of State Health Services, Region 2/3

“The response was really good. The Breckenridge community really needed your expertise on this topic and I am so grateful that we were able to make it happen. Thank you so very much again.”

Gale Ladehoff, MS, MEd, LPC-S, Director of Guidance Services, Lewisville ISD

“I enjoyed your presentation last week!

Karla Meeks, Director of Business Development

“We feel blessed to of had you as a speaker. Thank you for your wisdom and passion to educated others on self harm.”

Jennifer L., Student Advocate for Grapevine-Colleyville ISD

“I really enjoyed Saturday’s seminar. I’m looking forward to the one you are planning for winter/early spring.”

Luann Golden

“I always learn from Lori’s work”


April 12th, 2019

Organizer of Ethics: how to avoid getting the #?!! scared out of you!!! Focus on Practices & Teens

Focus on private practice, outpatient clinic, and/or those who work with minors

Did you know that there are laws that counselors are responsible for that aren’t in the Board Rules? Ignorance of the law is not a reliable defense.

Imagine having a better understanding of the rules and the laws that could close your business due to one bad lawsuit or several complaints for non-compliance? Would it be worth your time to have that peace-of-mind knowing that you are learning material that is not typically covered in other ethics' classes?

Think back to graduate school----how well-prepared for you to understand how to ethically market your business?

WHEN: FRIDAY, April 12th

TIME: 12:00pm


Carrollton Church of Christ

1023 Seminole Trail

Carrollton, TX 75007


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At the door, IF there are seats left, the price will be $45. Tickets will go quickly as they have in previous years. Limited to 45 seats. This event usually has 50-70 attendees.

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